Additional Resources

Looking to learn more about cataracts and other eye conditions? Refer to the list below to discover some helpful resources.


  1. American Optometric Association. Eye and vision problems: astigmatism.

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  7. American Optometric Association. Hyperopia (farsightedness).

  8. American Optometric Association. What is an ophthalmologist?

  9. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Common eye disorders: cataract.

10. Cleveland Clinic website. Cataract and intraocular lens implantation in cataract surgery.

11. Johns Hopkins Medicine website. Cataracts FAQ: prognosis.

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13. Mayo Clinic website. Cataracts: symptoms and causes.

14. Mayo Clinic website. Tests and procedures: cataract surgery.

15. National Eye Institute. Facts about cataract.

16. National Eye Institute. Facts about glaucoma.

17. National Eye Institute. Facts about myopia.

18. National Eye Institute. Facts about presbyopia.

19. National Eye Institute. Facts about retinal detachment.

20. National Eye Institute. Facts about the cornea and corneal disease.

21. National Library of Medicine. What are proteins and what do they do?

22. University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center website. Eye conditions and diseases: cataract.