After cataract surgery, get back to your normal day-to-day life in 48 hours

From cloudy to clearer: cataract surgery recovery

Many people report clearer vision a couple of hours after surgery, and usually within 1-2 days, most people resume their normal activities.
However, it’s recommended that you don’t drive for up to 24 hours after your surgery.

After your surgery, your doctor will usually talk to you about:

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Any medications he or she may prescribe you


Instructions on how to care for your eye


Arranging a follow-up meeting the next day

What to expect after surgery

Your surgeon will review with you some things to expect that are specific to your surgery, but here are some general things to keep in mind during your cataract surgery recovery period.

What activities could be okay a few days after cataract surgery?

activities after cataract surgeryactivities after cataract surgery

The “after surgery” discussion above is for illustration purposes only. Everyone's eyes are different, and the condition of your eye has a big impact on what activities will be safe after surgery. Make sure you talk to your surgeon to learn what activities are okay for you, and what complication symptoms you should look out for.

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After surgery—
mail back your glasses! 

With advanced-technology lenses, you can correct other vision conditions, and if you do, send us your glasses and we’ll donate them on your behalf.

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Learn more about astigmatism-correcting lens options for cataract surgery.

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