How to care for a loved one after cataract surgery

Lending a hand
to those having eye surgery

The first thing everyone undergoing cataract surgery will need is someone to drive them to and from their appointment. They’ll also need your assistance around the house, because they will have limits on their activities, like bending or heavy lifting, for a period of time. 

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Common questions family members have about cataract surgery:

What types of things can we do to prepare?

  • Take time off from work to assist at home in the early days

  • Pick up eyedrops and medications in advance

  • Prepare a sitting area with important items easily within reach

How can we help out after the surgery?

  • Act as a second set of eyes around the house

  • Help apply the eyedrops they’ll need several times a day

How long may someone need my help after surgery?

  • It could be a couple of weeks until they’re able to bend, lift heavy things, or do strenuous activity

How many days should we plan to take off work to care for someone after surgery?

  • It’s up to you on how much time you want to take off to help a loved one. Typically after 48 hours they will be back to regular activities

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