Cataract surgery:
a common procedure for results that last a lifetime

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Real patients couldn’t believe how short their procedure was

Cataract surgery is generally a short, common, and safe procedure. If you start planning now you might be surprised at how soon you could be seeing more clearly.

Common risks of cataract surgery

Cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures performed in the United States today

The procedure usually takes around 15 minutes, with an hour to two in the surgery center for recovery, and generally follows these steps:

1) A minor incision will be made to the cornea using a handheld blade or laser

2) A small probe will break up and remove your cataracts, and a new lens will be placed in your eye

3) Generally, no stitches are required as the incision is so small

4) A bandage or patch will be placed over the eye to protect it afterward

According to an AARP telephone survey of 250 people who had cataract surgery

people say cataract surgery was easier than expected

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