Multiple eye conditions.
1 replacement lens.

If you have cataracts, astigmatism, and trouble seeing things up close, a multifocal toric lens could help you to see clearer across all distances.

See the difference correcting cataracts, astigmatism, and presbyopia can make

What you might see after you correct your cataracts


What you might see after you correct all three eye conditions

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Could you say goodbye to glasses for reading and distance?

If you have cataracts, it’s likely that you also wear glasses to help you with other eye conditions. In fact, around half of all people with cataracts will also have astigmatism and trouble seeing up close because of a condition called presbyopia.

If you have cataracts, astigmatism, and presbyopia and choose a standard monofocal replacement lens for cataract surgery, you'll probably still need to wear glasses after the procedure to read or see things farther away. However, if you and your surgeon choose a multifocal toric lens you may not need glasses afterward to see clearly across all distances.

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Meet a lens that does more

Learn more about how these three eye conditions affect your vision and how a multifocal toric lens could help you to see clearer.

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Talk to your surgeon about whether you could be a candidate for a multifocal toric lens and if they have a payment plan available. Like all technologies, there are specific multifocal toric lenses that let you see clearer.

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