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If you have trouble seeing things up close and want to ditch your reading glasses, a multifocal lens could be a good option to help you regain a full range of vision.

See the difference correcting cataracts and presbyopia can make

What you might see after you correct your cataracts

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What you might see after you correct both eye conditions

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No more fumbling with readers?

If you have trouble seeing up close, and find yourself frequently fumbling with your readers, it could be presbyopia; a condition that happens to nearly everyone over 40 year old. It's caused by a natural hardening of the eye's lens, and changes to the muscles surrounding the eye that makes it difficult to see things close up.

If you have presbyopia and choose a standard monofocal replacement lens, you'll likely still have difficulty reading books or using computers without your glasses after cataract surgery. However, if you and your doctor choose a multifocal lens, you may not have to wear glasses again after surgery.

Brad's cataract and astigmatism treatment story

all-distance vision

Hear from others who are enjoying the benefits of advanced-technology lenses. By investing in a multifocal replacement lens for your cataract surgery, you could save money on buying glasses.

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Great vision starts with a conversation

Talk to your surgeon about whether you could be a candidate for a multifocal lens and if they have a payment plan available. Like all technologies, there are specific multifocal lens brands that let you see clearer.

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