Get 2 eye conditions with
1 procedure!

Ever hear of getting two birds with one stone? Meet the astigmatism-correcting lens that can—a toric IOL!


See the difference correcting cataracts and astigmatism can make

What you might see after you correct your cataracts


What you might see after you correct both eye conditions

child picking flowers with and without astigmatism

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Cathy Cataracts

Reduce your need for glasses

If you’ve been wearing glasses for astigmatism your whole life, with one procedure, that could all change. When you have astigmatism and don’t choose an astigmatism-correcting lens (also known as a toric IOL), you’ll still have to wear glasses or contact lenses to see clearly after surgery.

Andy Astigmatism

Ron's cataract and astigmatism treatment story

Invest in your
future vision

Listen to others who chose an astigmatism-correcting lens and see how they are enjoying the benefits beyond what a standard lens would deliver. This once-in-a-lifetime investment could improve your vision and even save you money on glasses.

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Great vision starts with a conversation

If you’re interested in an astigmatism-correcting lens, ask your surgeon about your options and whether they have a payment plan available. Like all technologies, there are specific brands designed to help you see clearer after cataract surgery.

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Planning for your cataract surgery can help you feel confident about this new vision decision. Find out a few ways you can plan for your procedure.

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