Life with cataracts from Debbie’s eyes

Cataracts began to cloud Debbie’s vision and her confidence

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Debbie's cataract and astigmatism treatment story

Seeing the
symptoms of cataracts

After being diagnosed with cataracts, you might notice changes to your vision that will help you and your doctor know how mature or advanced your cataracts have become. Once your symptoms begin to cause vision loss that affects your daily life, talk to your eye care provider about surgery.

Diagnosis discoveries: symptoms that can sneak up on you

Patients received modest compensation for participation in this video.

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cataract patient diagnosis discoveries

Your cataract diagnosis may
come as a surprise

You might be surprised to learn that you can have cataracts and not even realize it, or think your symptoms are caused by other vision issues.

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Seeing with cataracts

Discover how cataracts could begin affecting your vision over time.

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Move Cathy Cataracts along the slider to see how your vision could gradually change with cataracts.

The right time for surgery is when it’s right for you

Usually, your eye care provider will recommend you have surgery when your vision begins to affect your daily life. For example, when you can’t drive as well at night as you used to, or can no longer enjoy watching a film.

Talk with a surgeon about when would be the best time for you to start considering surgery and what lens would provide you with the best vision after the procedure.

Cathy Cataracts


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